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My Affordable Roof welcomes Amanda Lairsey as Chief Operations Officer

Press Release April 13, 2018 Naples, Florida
Amanda and Team

Pictured left to right: David Boggs (Founder & CEO), Amanda Lairsey (COO), and Chris Dutruch (President & Florida Qualifier)

My Affordable Roof is on the rise. Headquartered in Florida and Kentucky, the company is projected to bring in over forty million in 2018 - but it’s not just their deft business skills that are propelling them to the top. My Affordable Roof prides itself on leading the roofing industry in next-level thinking and quality work, of course - but to David Boggs and his team, it’s about more than that. This is a company committed to standing for integrity, generosity, and kindness every bit as much as they stand for quality and success.

Amanda Lairsey - My Affordable Roof

Amanda Lairsey is the perfect fit for Chief Operations Officer in a company like this. As a 30-year-old business coach with hands-on experience in dozens of industries, she knows how businesses work - and what it takes to make them work. She spends her time between Nashville, TN and Naples, FL, but you can find her speaking, consulting, and coaching all around the nation. She also founded the Society for Women Business Owners (SOWBO), an organization dedicated to helping women who own all kinds of businesses. With a focus on community building and entrepreneurial support, Amanda is helping women everywhere pursue their wildest dreams.

David and Amanda, along with Florida partner Chris Dutruch, have partnered together in hopes of making My Affordable Roof the largest and most trusted roofing brand in the nation. There are very few women in the construction industry, and even fewer in roofing. And there aren’t many companies who emphasize values and mission the way My Affordable Roof has chosen to. But David and Amanda are here to shatter ceilings. With their combined experience in the construction industry coupled with Amanda’s passion to help people succeed, you can be sure that My Affordable Roof isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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